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Originally Posted by atomdanger
I don't think so, Mask wouldn't have had a modern MMA to be a part of if it weren't for Helio.

Helio developed BJJ, and his family created the UFC, he laid a foundation, and built a house.

Mask did a lot, he sponsored a lot of fighters and made it easier for a lot of guys to fight and not have to work full time jobs, but Helio is a true legend, and Evan was a former UFC champion. I thought they both deserved more.
Did Helio Gracie or Evan Tanner SPONCER UFC events and staff and stuff

From the UFCs perspective one VERY important thing about Mask was the money Tapout created and threw around. That makes him noticeable. Not to mention the incredible publicity that the UFC got through Tapout that generated into raw cash

...sorry but thats something that Evan Tanner and Helio Gracie bought maybe once or twice...but something tapout provided consistantly for years.

They owe a great amount of personal monies due to Mask, that is why they are mourning more...he wasnt a feature...he was a finanical supporter
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