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Originally Posted by hughes_goat
and the Cardinals aren't? this is like the GSP vs BJ argument. everyone says GSP has improved and BJ hasn't, LOL.

the Steelers have the same players. the Cards won because Whisenhunt knows them. just like the Bucs beat the Raiders because Gruden knew them. Tomlin doesn't know the Cards.
I agree that the Cards are a better team than they were last year I just dont think the Steelers will make the same mistakes they made last year.

As for what you said in your other post.

In 2 of the 4 games the Steelers lost they gave up more than 200 yards passing (Collins - 215 and Manning 240)

As for the turnovers, if you take away that game where J. Delhomme went color blind and thought his team was wearing red the Steelers and Cards have forced the same amount of turnovers.

In the end the Steelers will prove they are the better team and will get number 6
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