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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Hey, I love the Bears too, but lets not sugar coat it... We need a good WR.

Hester is not there yet, and he might not ever be.

Marvin Harrison is still a free agent, Bears need to get on it. All the Bears fans who think they should go after Anquan Boldin are wasting their time too. Boldin will end up back in AZ unless a VERY sweet deal gets put on the table and the Bears don't have anything to bargin with besides Urlacher.
I know another receiver, what I am trying to say is, even if we stay with this roster, we are better than last year and probably playoffs, Brandon Lloyd is an average receiver, and Hester will be there to compliment Cutler's cannon with his speed, he's not a great route runner, but he can burn the DB's, and he is great with quick slants...another receiver pick up and this is a major player in the superbowl contention, right now I would say playoffs but not a deep playoff team, but thats what we said about the cards also, so ya never know
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