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Default Obamas wife touched The Queen...inappropriately!

Someone should tell her that you arent supposed to touch the Royals. But Her Majesty is quite used to dealing with Americans so it would seem

The simple rule is just not to get upset if they dont follow ettiquette. Americans on the whole dont (sorry I should say, there are many notourious cases where they havent )

But notice...Elizabeth didnt have her gloves on for the official handshake, but by the time Obama was...erm touching her, the Gloves were back on. She obviously sees Michelle as more approchable then the President. She speaks to, and provides council to a lot of important people behind the scenes...if its true she really went as far as to ask Michelle to stay in touch with her..its because there is something The Queen feels the need to keep tabs on, and a place she feels she might be able to offer council.

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