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Originally Posted by Twinsmama
I've googled both aspertame and splenda within the last few months. My dad used to drink diet pepsi until they found out the affects of the aspertame. He now drinks something that has splenda in it and says it is safe to give to my 4year olds because there is no sugar. So I searched google and found the same unexplained type illnesses that come from the aspertame. I agree just drink the regular stuff if you have to. I'm a pepsi aholic but have recently changed over to tequila. tequila seems to give me headaches the next day and for some reason it makes me take off my clothes. must be neurological too! The only long term effects I have seen is we get invited to more parties!

I actually have a true story that happened to one of my cousins in Pensecola about 6 months ago. He seen a lady and some kids on the side of the road broken down. They had a towel like head thing. Anyway he is a mechanic so he stopped to fix their car. He had to run to the local part store and came back to fix it. The woman tried to pay him and of course he didn't take it. She got in her car and paused just long enough to say "Let me help you then, don't drink Pepsi" and then she left before he could even ask a ?. It has really freaked him and his family out so they have quit drinking it all together. I've tried to stop drinking it but it's like crack to me. I've slowed way down. Only about 1 a day now. I know that this actually happened but who knows if she was just trying to scare him or something. there are some weird people in the world!
Pics or said Tequila didn't happen
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