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Originally Posted by Melissa Villaseņor
Thats the problem in my eyes why cant he be himself instead of having to walk on eggshells for fear of offending someone. Certain orgs tweek things to better themselves. Just like the NAACP im sorry when you have "black only" schools that my kids have no chance of getting in and don't call yourself racist, but sue police over racial profiling thats where I draw the line. Most of us have our own prejudices its just how open/closed we are that differentiates us. I admit I use the word fag sometimes, but its not to insult a man on man.
Kramer cant say the Nword
Obama cant say that he bowls like he's in the Special Olympics
CEOs cant call women bitches and guys faggots

It's how life is, they are letters that represent sounds that make noises, they are all in the dictionary, we can read them outloud and define them, but they cant be used in some contexts.

It may not make any sense, it may be unfair but thats how things are. I cant fly, Americans cant get free health care, sitting too close to someone on the subway is rude... but thats how things are. It may change in the future, but right now social rules and norms dont allow it
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