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Originally Posted by TheConcretekid
GLAAD is demanding Dana White to apologies for calling a UFC fighter a 'faggot' and calling Loretta Hunt a 'stupid bitch' in his latest video blog. The rant came after Hunt wrote an article about a new rule that deals with limiting managers' backstage presence. Shes claiming that this is an attempt to separate the fighters from their managers. She quoted an anonymous fighter fighter in the article, so Dana called him 'a pussy' and 'a faggot' for being anonymous

GLAAD's statement:

The video has been removed from youtube. But what it comes down to is that if you are a CEO of a billion dollar company you can't call women bitches or anyone faggots.
I thought that might hit some nerves. f@ggot is a pretty offensive word to use by the CEO of a company. Unless he's talking about bundling twigs
Some may feel more comfortable about the usage of this word, but personally I don't like it. Probably because I've been around the theatre community for so long and have very close friends who are *GASP* Homosexual.

I wonder if he'll have to go through sensitivity training or do a duet with Elton John!!!
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