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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
so had the driver hit and killed someone on the way to the hospital, he should be let in to see his MIL before taken to jail? come on, the cops did his job ... and people are making a big deal of him pointing a gun, yet they are saying she was hysterical ... if i am a cop and she came around the car like that, you gotta protect yourself first ...

I have had to go visit dying people in the hospital, including my father in law, and i was able to obey the laws, it is not that hard ...
No, you don't tell people that their family doesn't matter. That's just wrong. The law needs to be enforced with some measure of compassion and common sense. This cop had neither and I don't want someone like that serving on any police force.

If they had committed a hit and run, then I could understand the cop's actions. Again, running a stop sign and speeding are not jailable offenses, the cop had no legal grounds to threaten to arrest this man for running a stop sign. A little bit of perspective is required here.

I don't care that he stopped them or tried to pull them over, that's his job. I don't even care that he pulled his gun, that's to be expected when people jump out of the car after being pulled over. What bothers me is that, even when the nurses and hospital security verified the man's story, the cop still detained him to write this stupid ticket.

99% of the time, I would side with the cop in a situation like this. However, the circumstances here are clearly different than someone just lying to get out of a ticket.
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