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Originally Posted by NateR
I don't think they were arguing to get out of the ticket, they just wanted to see their family member before she died.

It was just the disrespect that the cop showed by saying that this man's dying mother-in-law "didn't matter." You just don't say that to people regardless of what laws they've broken.
so had the driver hit and killed someone on the way to the hospital, he should be let in to see his MIL before taken to jail? come on, the cops did his job ... and people are making a big deal of him pointing a gun, yet they are saying she was hysterical ... if i am a cop and she came around the car like that, you gotta protect yourself first ...

I have had to go visit dying people in the hospital, including my father in law, and i was able to obey the laws, it is not that hard ...
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