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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
BJ wouldn't be able to take down chuck without getting KO'd ... randy who is a good wrestler couldn't do it in their last 2 fights, tito couldn't Chuck would keep it standing and win the battle of the sparetires as Ben put it ...

and GSP couldn't take Hendo down? GSP has taken everyone down, Matt, KOS who are also good wrestlers and he did it at will and with east ... he takes out Hendo anyway he pleases .....
Im not sure BJ would even try to take Chuck down. BJ has more than enough power in his hands to put Chuck out. Chuck has been dropped at least once in his last 4 fights. BJ would pick Chuck apart until he landed the shot that made Chuck go to sleep.

Matt and Kos are good wrestlers but Heno is on a different level. The guy was a former olympian. In fact if the fight goes to the clinch I would bet Hendo takes GSP down. I think GSP would beat most people on that list I just think Hendo is a bad match up for him.
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