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Originally Posted by NateR
No stooping here, just stating the facts. The guy was unqualified for office and had no record of doing anything memorable during his time in the Senate, aside from running for President.

You can't argue that, just like you can't argue that Bush and Cheney have kept this country safe from terrorism for 7 years and eliminated three brutal dictators from Iraq.

so it is too early to praise obama for doing anything good, but a guy who kills his family is fair-game to blame on him? both sides had stated that the economy was in trouble so it is not like he was saying dire straits and mccain was saying everything is fine ... and why take BHO's word for it? look how the world's economy is crumbling, even if BHO said nothing, the proof is in the pudding ...

oh ya, iraq, what about the rest of the countries that pose a threat?
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