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Originally Posted by Chuck
It's going to be interesting to see how they react when they actually see how little Vaseline could have actually been transferred....

"But he's still a cheater".... they'll whine...... I can hear it now...
Its more of the BJ haters who keep bringing it up. Most BJ fans understand that GSP cheated, and has cheated before, but people just dont care. Even Jason Miller understands this

Miller, who lost to St. Pierre at UFC 52 in April 2005, believed the Canadian was “greased up” during their welterweight contest and certainly sympathized with Penn.

“It’s like, ‘Yeah, get over it,’ but it was the same thing when I fought him and he was greased up,” said Miller. “I was like, ‘[Referee] Big John [McCarthy], he’s greased up.’ He didn’t give a damn. ‘You’re getting beat up. Shut up.’ It’s just now the commission is telling B.J.’s mom that. It sucks that’s what it has to come to.”

He also spoke candidly over what he perceives as a blatant disregard of the rules.

“We go all the way up to the commission and from me getting beat up in the second round saying, ‘Hey, this guy is greased up,’ to BJ taking it all the way to the Nevada State Athletic Commission and them still saying, ‘Nah,’” said Miller. “Like look, don’t have the rule if you’re not going to enforce it. Don’t even have the rule. Let’s just cover ourselves in baby oil and let’s fight. Lets do it. Like I didn’t really care. I would fight Georges with a tire iron. We both have a tire iron and a trash can lid and I’d fight him like that. But that’s not the rules. The rules are don’t grease yourself up and he broke them, but no one gives a damn.”
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