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I am really excited for this fight, simply because Chuck has his back up against the wall, just like the Wandy fight. It is put up or shut up time for Liddell. He is talking like he is taking this fight 100% serious, working on cleaning up all his basics. I think Chuck got hung up on the knock out, throwing really bad punches and being out of position(not having the angles) when he threw them. That uppercut that he threw at Rashad when he got bombed was just horrible, he left his whole head unprotected, and didn't do anything to set up the punch to begin with, he just wanted to land a KO blow so bad he got carried away.

Chuck has to go back to his foot work, circling away, using good head movement...

I don't think it is a shocking statement to say that Chuck has lost a step, that doesn't mean he has to stop evolving as a fighter though. Case and point look at Randy. I am sure Randy has lost some of his quickness, but he is still one of the best because he can game plan, and then usually executes that game plan. Chuck will be successful against Rua, and in his quest to get another title shot if he truly has what it takes to evolve as an older fighter, work just that much harder than the next guy, fight every fight like it is his last.
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