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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke

So the cop resigned because he was doing his job ... There was a story about this on one of those current event shows and a lady who was doing 30mPh over was pulled over because her father was dying ... It is on video that she tells the cop, my father is dying, then gets back in her car and drives away .. she is later arrested and blames to police that she wasn't able to spend her father's last minutes with him ...

I am sorry, but I would fire the cop(s) had they not stopped these people .. they are doing their job .. I mean, are they supposed to believe everyone who says they are racing to the hospital to see a dying family member???

Or what about the people who say "Officer, I don't know how the drugs got in my car, they sure aren't mine" ... they should also be let off too ....

ok, had to rant ... sorry ......
well considering he pulled into the hospital and his wife ran inside crying hysterically, I don't think it would take Einstein to put 2 and 2 together
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