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Nate is exactly right, this guy is just power hungry, when the wife(hysterical) got out and ran into the hospital, he drew his weapon on her...after lecturing over running a red light, the woman had already passed...this isn't the first time this has happened with this cop, NFL linebacker Zach Thomas reportedly said the cop pulled over his pregnant wife at one point for I believe it was speeding, and asked her to get out of the car and had her searched and the car searched(just for speeding!!!)...this is another case of a cop on a powertrip who thinks he is more important than he really is, in both these cases were famous people driving nice vehicles, and he most likely thought he was gonna make a name for himself for busting them...We don't need people like him on police forces, HE is the reason cops have a bad reputation...It's a shame GOOD cops are lumped into the same categories as a**holes like this
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