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On the main protesters are weirdo, left wing, smelling people without jobs!

There are always exceptions but they complain loudly against Banks but i can't see how the economic downturn affects them.

i keep seeing the slogan around work

"Capitalism isnt working, Socailism is the answer"

Maybe they are right but im too busy working, i really don't understand where they get the time from.

However i will say that there is and should be legitimate anger and rage at some of the top bankers and politicians.

Sir Fred Goodwin ruined RBS because of his ego.

We have British politicians stealing money from the taxpayers, and they are caught but they keep their jobs!

You have guys like Madoff who are despicable and some anger has to be fronted at this people and i would like some fair justice.

Rioting isnt the answer but i do get why people are mad.
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