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Originally Posted by NateR
I've heard about this and it's just "professional protesters" going nuts in order to give the impression that they represent the "will of the people." Hopefully, nobody falls for it, but you know they will.

Also, when viewing the news footage, if you see protesters with bloody faces, then be aware that some of them actually pour theatrical blood on themselves to give the impression that they are being brutalized by police.
No, the violent ones are just using the Demonstration as a cover to vandalize and steal. Sounds like a few juviniles thought it would be funny to smash up afew bank offices.

They wont be the anarchists or the real demonstrators...they will be the ones who just want to riot...if they get smacked in the face by riot police they deserve it.

If it was professional protestors, the police would have cleared the entire City...sound like they arrested a few out of a few thousand. This isnt a riot, just sheer opportunism

btw...interesting that the President of The United Nations isnt invited to the Gathering dont you think
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