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Originally Posted by Maldonado136
chuck doesnt need a boxing trainer imo he needs someone who will help him use more skills in the cage instead of just looking to land the right hand. someone like greg jackson (not greg himself of course he trains rashad so that obviously wouldnt work)
A boxing trainer will clean up and round out his striking. This is as much for defense as for offense. Chuck has a great trainer in Hackleman. Hackleman cracked the Couture riddle for the second and third fights. The problem Chuck had is that his boxing was getting so loose that he kept getting caught. he wasn't hitting as hard as he used to and I think the fact that other fighters (Rashad and Rampage) are training more crisp, tight and technical striking. I think this is a great training move.

When you get with a real boxing trainer it improves your whole game. Head movement, footwork. Look at Rampage. I think Chuck is going to look awesome for the next fight.
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