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Default UFC P4P Bracket

So, I was bemoaning my terrible March Madness bracket & I had an idea: the UFC refuses to put together another tournament style card, so I figured I'd do it for them, bracket & all:

Before you start bombarding me with questions, here's how I worked out the seedings:

Champions were shoe-ins for 1 seeds (Brock is the least experienced of the 5, so he was bumped to a 2 seed). From there, I looked to a few different factors: win streaks, win percentages, notable wins, etc. Basically, I drew up a top ten for each division, then weighed them against each other for a top-32 P4P.

OK, so let the discussions begin. Remember: try to pretend that everyone has been magically resized to be relatively the same (though no matter how you slice it, Brock is still one big m-fer!!).
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