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Originally Posted by Melissa Villaseņor
Your an idiot dude.. He aint a retard my kids use better terms when speaking of someone who is hearing impaired its called DEAF. Do us all a favor and learn some manners. I know you already apologized, but I had to go back in an edit this so I guess your not too much of an idiot just be careful what you say regarding physical, mental, and emotional differences . Peace!
Uhh...sorry again, poor choice of keyboard type. I understand why people got upset, like I said I meant it from Bispings perspective. Living with a deaf brother (who resembles Hamil as well) I know the type. He's been ridiculed his whole life by certain members of society, people who remind me distinctly of Bisping from the TUF show, which is why I bloody hate him.

OP: sorry about the re-directing of this thread.
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