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Default Chuck Liddell Sharpens Boxing with Olympian

San Luis Obispo, California - Chuck Liddell is getting some extra help on his boxing skills from 1976 Boxing Olympic Gold Medalist ��" Howard Davis Jr., who has been in Chuck’s training camp for the past few weeks. “I’m helping Chuck with his striking and making sure that he uses his hand power to the fullest,” said Davis Jr., who serves as Boxing Director for American Top Team & is Co-Founder of Fight Time Promotions in Florida.

Howard Davis Jr. says he’s providing Chuck with the strong training regimen that professional boxers use. Davis joined John Hackelman, who is Chuck’s longtime trainer of 16-years, two weeks ago and plans to stay in California for another two weeks. Davis Jr. is a busy man. When he gets back to Florida, he plans on putting together his first MMA show as Promoter and is inviting all interested sponsors to contact him at: Davis’ first show is appropriately dubbed: Brazil VS USA.

Chuck Liddell takes on Brazilian superstar Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in what promises to be one of the most explosive bouts of 2009! The 39-year-old former light heavyweight champion won an amazing 14 out of 15 UFC matches from 1999-2006, and is now focused on winning the title back from Rashad Evans, who defeated Liddell at UFC 88. Liddell is making sure that his renewed boxing skills can assure him a win!
Rumor has it that Chuck is not going out at all. he goes from gym to home. Look out Rua!
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