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Originally Posted by EHLERZ5
Fedor is a monster, but I replayed that KO punch a bunch of times in super slo-mo.... I just don't see where it hit AA clean..... It looks more like he just hit and pushed.... But AA went down like a wet noodle though....

Can you see AA being ko'ed by that kind of punch?
That's why they call it "the button" because you just have to tap it and they're out.
I won't even mention the leg that Fedor took to the tenders in order to deliver that shot
That followup left hook was reminiscent of the followup hook that Rashad threw after hitting Chuck. It's jsut instinctual.
I think backing into the corner was Fedor's way of giving AA false security to drop that left. Fedor started throwing before AA got hit foot up.
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