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Originally Posted by que
fixed it for you /\/\

it really comes down to what your spiritual/religious belief is. if you are a religious person then you will put humans first and earth second. if you are non-religious than you will most likely put earth first and humans second. non-religious people view humans as a bacterial infection to the earth because we are destroying the planet by using up it's resources and abusing our own powers to help destroy it with pollution, nuclear waste and things like that.

there needs to be a balance between the two viewpoints. humans are not the most important, and earth is not the most important. they are both equally important because they are both dependent on each other. without one the other would not exist. environmentalists should realize that using up a planet's resources and destroying it a bit is not necessarily a bad thing. on the flip-side of that, people should also realize that we cannot keep needlessly abusing the earth for stupid reasons because human beings will die as a species if we continue to destroy the earth. it's all about a balance.

God has given man dominion over the land. So we should be good stewards but not worshipers of it. We both need each other and that is the way God made it plain and simple. But to dream up false ideals of granger such as the tree huggers have is ridiculuos. Not to mention tax us for it and force more folks to loose their jobs. Religion has nothing to do with it. Man and his science fiction has gone to far.
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