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Originally Posted by Vizion
I know, I think he should have to return straight away to 205 and face Hamil...I believe Bisping knew he lost that fight and wanted to duck outta there rather than lose another fight to the retard (pardon my language)
He's not a Retard

He cant hear....and the reason he has slurred speach is nothing to do with retardation...its because if you've never heard a word pronounced before, you dont know exactly what it sounds like....I would guess he was born that way because otherwise he would have heard the words

Believe it or not...they also have trouble hearing themselves

Try saying something you've never heard, when you cant hear yourself say it.

Retardation is brain damage...he may sound like he's got it...but thats not true in the case of deaf people, most of the time their brain is fine, its just the audio organs...but the lack of that leads to speach impediments
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