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Originally Posted by Jonlion
He won fair and square against a great fighter. Rich never complained, no one suspects Hendo doinng anything deliberate.

The facts are, he won the fight, he is a legend in this sport and to me an all round great guy. He has been nothing short of excellent.

He has let no one down and i am proud of him and he needs to prove nothing what so ever to me.

He just needs a competitive TUF with Bisping and hopefully a great fight at the end of it.

I think i prefer Hendo over Bisping but i'd be happy for both.
1) Believe me when I say, that I am not the only person who thinks the eye poke was deliberate, I'm not the only person infact who has told Franklin, that the replay sure looks deliberate

2) This isnt about Henderson winning, its FAR deeper then that. Firstly, Fighter should be punished for illegal blows, and they are not, Secondly someone is going to end up seriously hurt one day, thankfully Rich Franklin was not

3) so the facts are that we dont know if he's wonderful and classy, he may have fought a lot of names, but something was seriously lacking in his performance, be it accidental age, or deliberate career advantage.

...So let the Populas be the Judge after TUF...but whereas before his stunt with Franklin I would have supported I shall wait to see who impresses me most
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