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Its not fair... both are fan favorites on the comeback trail;

Vera, a normally exciting, technical, crowd pleasing fighting. He's coming back from his loss to Werdum, and then dropping to LHW losing to Jardine, but then having a 2nd round TKO win over Mike Patt

And Hammill, who is everyones favorite, he's like a living Rudy, but MMA instead of Football, and deaf instead of short. Losing a (controversially) close decision to Bisping then acting as Franklin's tune up fight at LHW, he since has a TKO win over Reese Andyand most recently a highlight reel 1st round head kick KO over a very tough Mark Munoz.

That being said, and, as much as it pains me to do so, I must pick a winner.

And it is, without a doubt, Brandon The Truth Vera.

He has very underrated ground game: he got a full ride to Old Dominion on a wrestling scholarship and then wrestled for the Air Force and trained the US Olympic Training Center and he trains with BJJ BB Lloyd Irvin, so if Hammill goes for a take down, Vera will be fine, if not dangerous, on the ground.

His primary fight style and, in my opinion his greatest strength, is his devastating Muay Thai, with 7 of his 10 wins coming by KO or TKO.

He is a much more crisp, precise, controlled, smooth/flowing and technical striker than Hammill. His clinch work is fierce so if Hammill tries to tie up for a take down he'll end up eating many-a-elbow-and-knee.

I just don't see where Hammill could take this to where he would have the advantage, I give Vera the edge in all aspects; stand up, ground, clinch, conditioning, camp... everything

Wow, that was long. I am sorry, I think I did that more for myself than anything else
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