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Originally Posted by Tyburn
did you watch the replay

it really looks deliberate.

I guess we'll see, perhaps if he cant fight a single match without multiple mistakes...he ought to retire so that his opponents dont face unnecc injury due to his decline in age
Dave, i hate it when you are like this!

Hendo was fighting one of the greatest fighters in the game and he to beat him he had to be good. 2 Rounds he won, the last he was in trouble but he rode it out.

He won fair and square against a great fighter. Rich never complained, no one suspects Hendo doinng anything deliberate.

The facts are, he won the fight, he is a legend in this sport and to me an all round great guy. He has been nothing short of excellent.

He has let no one down and i am proud of him and he needs to prove nothing what so ever to me.

He just needs a competitive TUF with Bisping and hopefully a great fight at the end of it.

I think i prefer Hendo over Bisping but i'd be happy for both.
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