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Originally Posted by que

1)the way you talk about hendo it makes him sound pretty bad. you can make any fighter sound bad if you say it like that.

2) hendo has fought more top fighters than any other fighter in MMA history and he has only been finished 3 times... by big nog, little nog, and anderson silva. that by itself is an incredible feat. he has had a great career run and one that most fighters could only wish to have

3) i'm not even a huge hendo fan but c'mon man, you gotta give him a bit more credit when you talk about him like that. and about his poor performance, i would give him a break. he is 38 years old (way past the prime of most fighters) and his body has been in many wars and taken huge beatings throughout his career. it is only expected that he declines as he gets older, that is the natural way.
1) Yes, it does doesnt it.

2) That is partly why I'm so dissapointed Que. For someone who has fought so many of the best and been finished by so few, shouldnt his accuracy be a little bit better then what was displayed versus Rich Franklin? Dont we expect someone who has done all you've listed to live up to expectations

3) Would you still be saying that if Rich Franklin had been forced into retirement due to an illegal strike? Will you still think that in future if someone you like is conned out of the chance of a strictly fair fight by a few too many accidents??

When will the Refs start to crack down on a blatent issue of Fighter Safety?? Will it take a career ending "accident" before they bother?

I dont mind people putting on poor performances if it reflects on them. I DO mind when people put on poor performances that endanger the lives of others and when that danger is frankly ignored.

So...Let us see what happens on TUF, as to whether he will regain my support or not. I really get annoyed with Fighters that let me down. Georges Saint Pierre did it...I hope TUF vindicates Henderson...but at this stage I will be honnest, and say, I dont know that it will.
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