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Originally Posted by que
i seriously doubt that was on purpose. hendo is not like that and he needs no reason to poke someone in the eye. he is a true competitor who wants a real win and with millions of people watching he isn't stupid enough to do that on purpose in front of everyone. eye pokes happen all the time in mma especially with those little gloves
He has held multiple belts in Pride, and he was in the main event. He was only competiting for 15 mins

during that time he managed a headbutt and an Eyepoke. The former looked accidental, the latter looked deliberate, naturally not even one point was deducted since it was supposedly just accidental...every other mistake a fighter makes in punished...there is very little that stops a fighter from making several accidents occur that lead to a win.

Its the fact he hasnt, to the best of my knowledge, got a history of this, that makes me think it was also deliberate. Hadnt had the best run in his career, had to win to get on TUF...gave an increadibly poor performance, which seemingly noone cares or has picked up on.

Now we see, TUF will shine the lime light in his direction, and I hope, for his sake, he looks good.
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