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Originally Posted by jignpig
GSP has a weak chin, not a glass one, but a weak one. bj has the power to knock GSP out george has the ability to submitt and or win by points. if this match stays on its feet i really think bjs got it. gonna be a great fight.

are you kidding??? he has been KO'd once and has never ever been rocked in a fight and i mean wobbled ... he took good shots from fitch, bj was able to land some heavy shots in their fight and did damage, but gsp was never in danger of being ko'd ... when bj said he rededicated himself, he rededicated himself to fighting lw's .. his first fight was jens who was really a weight class below and has one win since that fight (cub i think is the only one) ... joe daddy again bj whooped him, but joe was out of his class and we saw that when he couldn't be competitive against kenflo and sherk was a good performance, i'll give him that, sherk looked no where the same level as bj in that fight ..

but to say gsp has no chin, maybe it hasn't been tested, but he was only rocked once

Edit: just read your other post now
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