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Originally Posted by GnP
I am never sure where this idea comes from? Is it simply because Serra caught him with one HUGE shot?

Other than that when has he been knocked out? or knocked down? thats right never and he has faced some very good fighters in his time.

Most people in MMA are going to end up with a KO or TKO loss on their record because of the nature of the sport.

I just don't buy the week chin argument at all sorry
fair enuff, i cant argue that. i guess i look at it like this, dan henderson, you could hit him in the mouth with a bowling ball and hes not going to sleep. wanderlei is an animal and can take some serious shots but can be put to sleep. gsp can be knocked out and i think bj can do it. but as for my weak chin comment "you are correct sir"(in my best ed mcmahon voice)
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