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Originally Posted by NateR
Yeah, the last couple of fights Matt only took as a favor to the UFC and that was part of the problem, he wasn't fighting for himself.

And I lost all respect for GSP after that little stunt at UFC 63. He fakes an injury, pulls out of the fight and then has the nerve to step into the octagon and publicly criticize Matt? Jerk.
I didn't get to watch Matt's last fight live (PPV), but have since seen it on dvd and when Matt was walking out to the cage, to me, there was something different in his look. Maybe that explains it, that he wasn't fighting for himself.

And, Nate, you are being way kinder than me calling GSP a jerk. I have another word in mind that describes exactly what he is for doing that, but I'm being good with the new rules and all.

Also, I first learned the difference between "losing" weight and "cutting" weight from watching the TUF shows.

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