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Originally Posted by Bonnie
That is very interesting indeed!

I knew he stepped up when Chuck got hurt, but didn't realize how little time he actually had to train for Alves or some of the other fights you mentioned. Makes me respect/admire Matt that much more.

I've admired how Matt always steps up when Dana has called in a pinch, but I don't feel that Dana has necessarily had Matt's best interests in mind those times. I almost wish Matt had said no at least two of those times, but I know he wouldn't be the man he is if he had.

One of the things that still chaps me about GSP is when he came into the ring after Matt fought/beat Penn at UFC 63 and said what he said. I know he went back and apologized, but that still irkes me especially since, and correct me if I'm wrong, GSP was originally supposed to be fighting in that one. He tried to say it was about lack of communication; I say "lack of manners"!
Yeah, the last couple of fights Matt only took as a favor to the UFC and that was part of the problem, he wasn't fighting for himself.

And I lost all respect for GSP after that little stunt at UFC 63. He fakes an injury, pulls out of the fight and then has the nerve to step into the octagon and publicly criticize Matt? Jerk.
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