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Originally Posted by Bonnie
Nate, Matt looks muscular, but pretty trim nowadays as opposed to the first pic you gave us from 2002 where he looks more uh, beefier(?) if you will. I know our bodies change, but is his training and/or diet that much different now than from several years ago?
Well, he only had 7 weeks to prepare for Thiago Alves, which didn't give him a lot of time to pack on too much muscle. That's probably why he looks so much leaner. Also, he did more weightlifting for strength and power back then, which he's started back up again for this upcoming fight.

Speaking of the 7 weeks Matt had to prepare, I've noticed an interesting statistic. Every fight Matt has lost he has had less than 2 months to prepare for:
10/17/98: Extreme Challenge 21 - Matt's loss to Dennis Hallman was his third fight in one night.
12/16/2000: UFC 29 - Matt fought Dennis Hallman only 33 days after fighting in Rings Australia
02/08/2001: Shidokan Jitsu-Warriors War 1 - Matt fought Jose Landi-Jons only 7 weeks later
01/31/04: UFC 46 - Matt fought BJ Penn 2 months and 9 days after fighting Frank Trigg on November 21st (this one is slightly over 2 months, but that time period includes Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years)
11/18/06: UFC 65 - Matt fought GSP only 7 weeks and 2 days after a tough fight against BJ Penn
12/29/07: UFC 79 - after Matt Serra dropped out of the fight, the day after Thanksgiving, Matt accepted a third fight with GSP with barely over a month's notice.
06/07/08: UFC 85 - Matt took the fight with Thiago Alves with only 7 weeks notice
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