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If you are really interested in doing that why don't you talk to Nate about it and he can advise what's best. Nathan's the webmaster/admin. here so he's your go-to guy. Also, the moderators are very helpful too (TexasRN/Amy, MattHughesRocks/Michelle, Neezar/Denise, Tyburn/Dave, Mac/Mac, Jeff Crow/Jeff and Boomer). I think that's everyone (at least the ones I know of).

I think there are a lot of people who would be interested in these topics including me. Whether it would be better as a separate forum or a thread in the Woodshed is, I think, definitely a ? for Nate to help you with.

Just PM (private message) Nate, you know, if you would prefer to ask him privately about this or anything. He's really nice; all of them are here.

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