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Default Randy on GSP v Penn

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight and light heavyweight titleholder Randy "The Natural" Couture has made a name for himself by his performances in big fights in the UFC Octagon. He's defied Father Time over and over while proving his critics wrong time and again.

Almost as boisterous as his in-cage accolades are his fight breakdowns. "The Natural" has an uncanny ability to make accurate fight picks, including correctly predicting some of the biggest upsets in recent years.

Couture gave his analysis of the UFC 94 main event, the rematch between Georges St. Pierre and B.J. Penn, exclusively for

"B.J. is one of the most talented guys that I've ever been around. He has amazing balance and flexibility. He's got naturally heavy hands. His submission skills are top notch," commented Couture. "But I still think we've seen him at 155 fight the best that he has. Although he beat Matt Hughes back in the day at 170, it was more of a style match-up than anything. Conditioning, the body, mindset, everything, it was the best it's ever been at 155."

Penn has been a dominating force in the lightweight division, but has a history of wanting to challenge himself in higher weight classes. Couture believes Georges St. Pierre will be too much for the Hawaiian fighter.

"I just don't see it going well for (Penn) going up to 170, dealing with a guy like Georges who is cutting down a good 15 pounds, probably more, to make the 170-pound limit, who is as dynamic and has the skill sets that Georges has," stated the 44-year-old fighter affectionately know as "Captain America."

Couture added, "Although, I think it's going to be a very interesting fight. I like Georges in a five-round title fight, in that fight."

Georges St. Pierre edged out a split decision victory over B.J. Penn at UFC 58 in their first match up on March 4, 2006.

He is usually right about these things, either way I am hoping for a great fight not a quick knockout
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