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Originally Posted by warriorlion
In which case mate, maybe you shouldnt make generalised statements that the welsh national anthem isnt really used by the welsh. Its used a ton. Thats a typically ignorant english thing to say.

remember that I am english. A lot of people dont realise that wales even have electricity due to that very ignorance.

On another note, since living here in wales, people dont mind so much being called british, the issue is more that most of the rest of the world hear british and think england. And the welsh hate being refered to as being english.

A Prime example is when Charlotee Church who is from Cardiff, met President Bush, he asked her where she was from, when she said wales, he asked what State wales was in.
I dont really give much thought to Wales, John, it has to be said.

But Why should one think that Wales has a national Anthem? After all, its got an ENGLISH Royal Connection. The Prince of Wales...and you dont see a Title like that being given to someone for Scotland or we have a Principle Royal for Wales...

Why is this interesting? because the other Principles are for Districts of England which used to act as Kingdoms...The crown is treating Wales as if it has NO independance...just like York, Wessex, Gloucester, Kent.

Does Kent have a national anthem of its own? Wales is being treated, as a district of the Crown, NOT as a country in Union under the crown. Excuse me for taking the Royalist view

Does Wales have a Parliament like Scotland?? NO it has an the City of London has an Assembly.
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