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Originally Posted by TheConcretekid
I have visited each country in the UK as well as Ireland and I recall the Welsh in particular being pretty adamant about expressing their discontent with being called British, even more so than when the Republic of Ireland is referred to as part of Britain.
The Republic of Eire ISNT British.

Wales is..."adament about expressing their discontent" with about everything...that'll be the Welsh

We used to have a Welsh Tutor who liked to say "dont smile at me, I'm not in the mood"

Great Britian = England, Wales, Scotland
United Kingom = Britian Plus Ulster

The Welsh is rulled by Westminster in conjunction with something called "The Welsh Assembly" They do have their own National Anthem, not that they ever use it, and their Branch of Anglicanism, is "The Church of Wales"

The Present Archbishop of Canterbury...he came from The Church of Wales
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