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Originally Posted by TheConcretekid
I still feel weird about Lesnar, hes a tremendous athlete and was a phenomenal collegiate wrestler, but he still did fake wrestling. Call it "predetermined" and say "the injuries are real!" all you want, its still just a giant Soap Opera and silly dramatics.

It really changed Lesnar for the worst; compare Sherk or Hughes (two strong wrestlers from the midwest) before, during and after a fight. And now look at what Lesnar does after he spent years in the WWE.

The last few seconds of his Heath Herring 'fight' really sealed it for me. He ran around the ring for the last few seconds cheering and then when Herring pounced, the horn sounded and the fight was over, the ref broke them up, and Lesnar pointed at his face and laughed. He clearly is still stuck on putting on a show and making a spectacle.

He will never be a true Mixed Martial Artist, hes like a Kimbo, and he is just capitalizing on his freakish size and fame.
/sigh have'nt we gotten past this past profession? Call it what u want it still a demanding entertainment sport. Who cares he did fake wrestling,its no different than someone coming from being a desk jockey..I just don't know why ppl get hung up on someones prior job...
The HH issue so what,alot of fighters have done their little smirking at other fighters(Clementi doin his DX chop over Melvin,GG doing his throat slash,etc..)...You can see by his Randy fight he was more subtle,gotta give them man a chance...
You may not realize it but alot of fighters have gloated about being in street fights(kimbo got a bad rap,and it was'nt his fault,blame EliteXC).
Hes no where near being a Kimbo and its a shame ppl keep resorting to that I personally don't care what a person has done before and lets face it..MMA isn't a clean sport ppl beat the crap out of each other and were still sitting here debating or complaining about ppl's prior job..
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