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He's doing well with his dialysis, and the big change in his diet. So many things he can't have. He's restricted to 600 ml of fluid a day, as wel as low sodium/phosphorous/potassium. No junk food!!!! (well, when he's actually IN dialysis he can have junky stuff)

Right now he is staying with his dad most of the time as I can't get him to the hospital during the day because of my job. Dad works nights so it works out.

And tomorrow (3-27-09) is Matt's 8th birthday I took the day off and will hang out with him at the hospital. We are going to have chinese since he will be on dialysis and they'll filter all that oogy stuff right out of his blood!

I haven't been tested for compatibility yet, but I'm the first option for a kidney. If I'm not a match he will go on the list. He may also need a liver. His kidney disease caused hepatic fibrosis and can impair function. He has an appt on 4-8 to see the liver specialist. *cross fingers*

I want to thank you all again and again and again for your good wishes, your warm thoughts and most especially your prayers. It makes a difference every day. Thank you
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