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Originally Posted by mikthehick
What are yall eating these days? It's def. more expensive buying a bag of lettuce verses cans of lasagna, but hopefully it'll be worth it. I've dropped 10 pounds since December
Every morning I start off with 1 cup of mixed grains, barley, oats, etc. Then a few hours later I like to eat a capful of sunflower seeds. Lunch is my favorite meal, I'm always sure to eat some broccoli and fish, usually tilapia. Snack time for me is a spoonful of reduced fat peanut butter and an apple. Dinner is usually spinach and tuna.

A good tuna mixture for me is tuna+lemon juice+cayenne pepper+a little celery and blend or handmix.

Plus, I drink a cup of laxative tea at night, and plenty of water.
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