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Originally Posted by Moose
I had the first workout today. I already eat as healthy or a little healthier (due to pescotarianism) than the program.

At Thanksgiving, I weighed 272 lbs. Yes. Big Boy. Now as of this morning I weigh 238 lbs. My cardio is really good for my size and it's getting better. Now I look forward to the strength increase, PLUS, I'd love to increase my metabolism.

Question: What does the Flaxseed/Fish Oil do for you at night? Thanks.
Nice work, it's a pain to lose weight, but you feel much better once it's off.

Prior to sleep (30 minutes or so), it's desirable to have a slow-digesting protein so that you get a release of aminos into your bloodstream - this helps prevent catabolism while you're getting your 8 hours of sleep. Casein powder or cottage cheese is one of the best forms of protein for this purpose. Add a little flaxseed oil to it, and it will slow the digestion rate of the casein/cottage cheese while you're sleeping.
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