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Originally Posted by Crisco
I recognize that dude haha he's your friend? any cool stories?

Yeah, his name is Paul Dillon, he is from Joliet and we met when I turned 21 because we are regulars at the same bar. He lives out in Hermosa Beach CA, but everytime he is in town we all party together.

The funniest story I can think of right off the top of my head is from like a year ago when I lived together in a house with my drummer and old bass player. We had been out drinking, and ended up with like 20 people back at our house, then all of a sudden Paul vanished. He was nowhere to be found. We all thought he was wandering the neighborhood drunk, and like 5 of us went out looking for him. Turns out, he had wandered into the basement and passed out on the floor. We found him like 4 hours later and me and my drummer had to basically carry his ass up 2 flights of stairs.

He was just back in town a few weeks ago to visit and he was telling us how he has been working a lot on the show "The Sheild". He also told us whenever we decide to shoot a formal music video he would help us produce it and even act in it.

He's a cool dude.
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