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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake

Like Hughes_GOAT said in the other thread, if Phillip Rivers can pass for 300 yards on the Steelers, what do you think Kurt Warner is gonna do?
exactly! but more to the point, Rivers had the ball once in the 3rd and still had those numbers. the Colts, Giants, Titans and Eagles beat the Steelers this year. why is this important?

1.) those teams passed the ball well against the Steelers.

2.) Roethlisberger had turnovers and was sacked multiple times in those games.

3.) the Cards did just that last season, sacking him 4 times and getting 2 picks. they won that game.

4.) this year in the playoffs, who has the most turnovers forced? pretty sure it's Arizona, could be wrong but if i am, it's not by much.

5.) Whisenhunt and Grimm know the Steelers defense because they practiced against them everyday. they also know the Steelers offense, since they ran it. they know player tendencies.

6.) "Whiz knows everything about all of us," Parker said. "He's a smart coach and I know he's going to try to take advantage [of his familiarity]."

That was the case the last time these two teams played, a 21-14 victory by the Cardinals on Sept. 30, 2007. After that game, in which Arizona harassed Roethlisberger into two interceptions and sacked him four times, Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes said the Cardinals knew how to find their soft spots.

"He was sending guys left and right, bringing pressure as much as he could to try and disrupt our offense," Holmes said after that game.
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