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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
Let's see

Baby Jay beats Matt... ditches UFC..... and comes back...

Gets Beat by GSP.. then Hughes (again)..then wins against.. Jens.. (ok..was a good fight).. Joe Daddy (not in his class anyway).. and Sean (yes.. he did win that one well)..

With the exception of Jens... he has not fought anyone close to his skill set (and I am a Sherk fan)... and he is coming after a guy that beat him.. and beat another guy that beat Baby Jay.. twice..

He is wanting the fight.. he gets the fight... GSP is just kinda standing there..Baby Jay has the pressure.. IMO...

and WHEN.. GSP puts a great beat down... I will love it.

but if BJ gets beat by GSP he just goes down and dominates the LW division until he feels like going over and fighting in Japan. If GSP gets beat he losses his title and walks away with nothing.
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