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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Would it make a difference?

The point is not the time it took but the event itself.

Yes, there is a large possiblity whenever the number "forty" is used, you could simply substitute it for "a long time" it rained for many days and many nights, could be as accurate a translation going on the symbology as I understand it.

But I dont see that it matters. Do you
Yes Dave it would make a difference. My entire relationship with Jesus Christ is based on this 1 event and the literal/figurative understanding of 40 days....

And you wonder why Denise picks on you amigo?????

People ask questions to gain knowledge Dave. Would it make a difference in my faith? No. Would it make a difference in my comprehension of the Bible? Yes. I had never heard that 40 could be a general reference to a larger number so I was just a little curious.
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