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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Josh, what are your views on this next track. Its a very similar set up, in that it uses a piece of liturgy in a Gothic setting. its written by Goldenthal, whose like a dark version of Zimmer. He also uses the appropriate piece of Latin Liturgy. He's composing for the gothic ikon Nosveratu, and rather then the Eucharist, he chooses to focus on a passage from the Requiem (Feast for the Dead)

The words are "lberate me, Lord, from eternal death" ...and look at the tag line "Drink from me and live forever" its a pun of course on the words of Christ, but used as a Luciferian Lie, about living as gods if you eat of the apple...and then the stunning Chorus whose words are "light eternal grant unto him Oh Lord..." Thats significant, because light CAN kill Nosveratu.

Both Men also use multiple languages

in Zimmers work you have Latin, Greek, English...and whatever the lone woman sings after the lecture about Azavarus. In this you have the lone woman singing in some other language as well, she is not singing the words of the Requiem, but it does still sound latin to me, whereas the lone woman in Zimmer sounds like its possibly italian or spanish. infact...I'm not convinced that the lone voice in Goldenthal is a woman, it might be a young trebble actually, because it sounds like a male choir to me, could be a male soprano. Infact...I'm positive its a male soprano. They are called a Trebble...I was a Trebble was I was younger...wish I could still sing like that now :'( This will be being performed by a ground of lads between 8-12 if you can believe that.

but its definatley a woman in Zimmer.
I thought it was pretty good but I didn't like it as much as the first one.
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