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Originally Posted by warriorlion
I dont see why everyone gets so hyped about Roy Jones Jr these days, he is past it. Calzaghe beat him convincingly, hes reduced to his own promotions to fight for titles that no one cares about, that just happen to be vacant.

Silva will beat his tail today, tw years what ever.

If we were talking about the fight being a few years ago, then yeah silva may struggle.
Yeah, Cal beat him, but that is a fight that should have happened years ago. Besides, nobody is taking anything away from Calzaghe, he would beat crap out of Silva in a boxing match too.

Jones is still solid, still has great movement, and still hits hard. He is not as quick as he once was, but he is still far ahead of Silva in terms of experience.
I would not say Jones has been "reduced" to anything. He is a legend, and if he wants to continue to fight, he should. A lot of fighters suffer tough losses towards the end of their careers, but as long as a fighter is still able to fight well and not putting himself in danger to just make money, there is nothing wrong with taking some tune-up fights. Fighting Omar was probably a lot more about putting on a promotion in his hometown rather then winning another title that he probably don't even have room for on his mantle anyway.
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