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Glad you are on your way recovery, wisdom teeth are no fun.

Although what you said about standing up right when you wake up from surgey is very true. I tried to do that too.

True story. I was 18 when I had my 4 wisdom teeth taken out. My mom took me to the oral surgeon and picked me up when it was over. When we left, I was still pretty drugged up and very loopy. As we drove home, we stopped at Mcdonalds and I got a milkshake. As we left Mcdonalds we came to a red-light at the intersection and a big red-pickup truck pulled up next to us. In the truck was a couple guys who I had went to high school with, and basically these guys hated me and all my friends, and they liked to think they were the "cool" kids.

So, for no reason at all, they start yelling at me and my mom. I don't even remember what they were saying, I just remember being really messed up from the drugs, and then getting REALLY pissed off. Anyway, I got out of my moms car and threw my chocolate shake at their open window and starting screaming at them to get out and fight me. They just sat there with their mouths open like they had seen a ghost and then the light changed and they floored it out of there.

Now, I am not some crazy bad ass, nor do I ever claim to be, but I could tell I had scared the crap out of them, and I remember thinking "thats weird". Usually, those guys would have jumped at the chance to fight me, especially 2 against 1. The whole time, my mom was screaming at me to calm down and get back in the car, and when I did I realized what had scared them off...As I was screaming at the two knuckleheads, all the gauze had come out of my mouth and I was spewing blood like Gene Simmons at a KISS concert. It was all over my clothes and my arms.

I look back and laugh now, but that could have been bad.
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