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Originally Posted by Moose
I had the first workout today. I already eat as healthy or a little healthier (due to pescotarianism) than the program.

At Thanksgiving, I weighed 272 lbs. Yes. Big Boy. Now as of this morning I weigh 238 lbs. My cardio is really good for my size and it's getting better. Now I look forward to the strength increase, PLUS, I'd love to increase my metabolism.

Question: What does the Flaxseed/Fish Oil do for you at night? Thanks.

Hey man, names malcom, nice to meet you .

If its ok with you, I think I shed some light on flaxseed and fish oil for you.
So the Fish Oil supplements you probably hear about are important because they belong to a group of fatty acids called the omega-3 Fatty acids, they are very important in diet because an omega-3 fatty acid serves a precursor in biosynthesis to other important acids in the body, like EPA (it can help with mood) and DHA (can prevent neuro-degenerative problems like Alzheimers).... but what is thought to be most important is that.... the constituents of omega-3 are beleived to help lower cholesterol and lower trigylcerides as well. The constituents of the acids activate the "PPAR-alpha" receptor in your cells which stimulates the cellular organelle know as the "peroxisome", to break down long chains of fat (that we cant help but ingest).... and all of this is important because as humans, we CANT make omega 3 fatty acids, so we have to eat it.

Flaxseed is most popular because it has a lot of fiber, which of course helps us... well....defacate ( ). Plus, fiber has been shown to help lower elevated blood sugar....and remember, if you have elevated blood sugar,your body is going to use that for energy before it uses fat... and our blood sugar ususally spikes in the it can help with that. Geeze, sorry for all this writing..... i gotta learn to stop.

Anways, nice to meet you... take care.
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